And so, too, Spirit that runs through ALL, instill awe upon ALL of Creation. Let all of Creation revere the Spirit that connects Creation and all creatures exist in harmony with that Spirit. Let all humanity become ONE in your Spirit. For as we know, Spirit of Creation we are in your dominion, we are ONE with your might, strength and force. It inspires awe in ALL it has created. (The Amidah on the Jewish New Year from the tradition of Abraham spiritual father of Christians, Muslims and Jews) And so you see my friend, on the Jewish New Year we reset the goal of our Creation and our Spiritual Journey. “Instill awe” means the awe from our consciousness of our spiritual Connection and ONENESS with Creation and the Creator. It is from this awe that we experience the joy of our Existence. And now, ten days after the Jewish New Year, we arrive at the time of the Day of Atonement ( Yom Kippur).At this time we reflect back on our spiritual journey and try to atone for our failure to live our life in awe and joy of our connection and ONENESS with the Spirit that runs through ALL of Creation

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