moses bull

Descendants of Abraham (the father of Christians, Muslims and Jews) were made slaves by the Pharaohs for 400 years. The Pharaoh, then, commanded that all the sons of descendants of Abraham. should be put to death as soon as they were born. Amram, a descendant of Abraham, had a son born: he was a beautiful child, and for three months his mother, Jochebed, succeeded in saving him from the Pharaoh. But at last she found she could no longer conceal him. So she made an ark, that is, a sort of cradle, of bulrushes coated over with pitch, laid him in it, and then placed the ark among the reeds that grew by the riverside, and left his fate to the Spirit that connects ALL of Existence. Presently the Pharaoh’s daughter, attended by her women, came down to the river, and, perceiving the ark among the reeds, she sent one of her servants to bring it to her. She saw the poor little child crying, she was sorry for it, for she knew it must be one of the descendant’s of Abraham’s children whom her father had commanded to be killed, and whose mother had laid it there, hoping that some one would have compassion on it. She took the child and raised it as her own and named the child Moses. So you see my friend, the very person who seemed to be the enemy, the Pharaoh’s daughter, saved Moses and in turn saved the descendant’s of Abraham. We are all connected to each other and the FORCE that connects ALL of Existence. When we know that in our minds, a great healing occurs as is known by the keepers of the ancient wisdom. We wish all our sisters and brothers throughout our world inner peace through knowing we are all connected and ONE with the ALL powerful FORCE of CREATION. ABRAHAMIC (SPIRITUAL) JUDAISM- ONE PEOPLE WORLD UNITED

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