At this time of year, we tell the story of the exodus of the descendants of Abraham (father of Muslims, Christians and Jews) from 400 years of slavery under the Pharaohs (Passover). Moses was brought up in the court of the Pharaoh. But when he went among his own people again, he was grieved to find how sadly they were oppressed. The Divine Force that connects ALL of Creation connected with Moses through a burning bush and Moses, after seeing the sufferings of his people the descendants of Abraham, knew that he would deliver them. Moses commanded Pharaoh to let the people go. The Pharaoh refused. The Force of Existence brought the people out of Egypt. The descendants of Abraham were journeying to a land of freedom in Canaan. It was a journey of forty days but the descendants of Abraham wandered for forty years in the desert. After forty years, the descendants of Abraham were fighting amongst themselves, refusing to follow Moses and worshiping idols and material things at the base of Mt Sinai. To restore order, Moses ascended Mt Sinai to connect with the Divine Spirit. Moses returned with ten commandments which he gave to the descendants of Abraham. At this point, the Force of creation, after Moses and all the generation that lived in Egypt died, let the descendants of Abraham enter Canaan with the Ten Commandments as their guide. And so it is my friend, the journey of the descendants of Abraham (the father of Muslims, Christians and Jews) and the journey of each of our lives. A journey for physical, emotional and spiritual salvation. The first commandment sets forth the connection and oneness of all of Creation in which we ALL find our connection with each other and the Divine Force of Creation. Amen

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