No sooner was Abraham (the Father of Muslims, Christians and Jews) weaned — and he was but a small child — that his mind began to seek and wonder: How do the heavenly bodies orbit without a moving force? Who moves them? They cannot move themselves! Immersed amongst the idol-worshippers of Ur Casdim, he had no one to teach him anything; his father, mother and countrymen, and he amongst them, all worshipped the physical aspects of Creation like idols,money and other physical things. But his heart sought, and came to know that there is a connection and oneness of ALL… and the source of Creation of the ALL and that ALL of Existence is connected and ONE. (The words of Maimonides, in his Code of Jewish Law) And so it is my friend, the original experience and consciousness of Abraham the father of Muslims, Christians and Jews of the connection of ALL people, animals, things and the Source of Creation ALL in ONE, This consciousness is the core of ALL the teachings and learnings of the descendants of Abraham. Abraham spoke to ALL people from around the world from an Open Tent in which he invited ALL. SPIRITUAL (ABRAHAMIC) JUDAISM- ONE PEOPLE WORLD UNITED

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