“as he sat by the opening of his tent in the heat of the day.” Abraham was sitting by the entrance of his tent. The midrash tells us that Abraham’s tent was open on all sides so that he could see visitors coming from any direction (Genesis Rabbah 48:9 411). So you see our friends, Abraham, from whom all Muslims, Christians and Jews are spiritual descendants, saw the Life Spirit in ALL of Creation and that we are part of that Life Spirit. He was able to not only open his tent on all sides to welcome the stranger but also open his mind on all sides to welcome the power and interconnectedness of ALL of Creation and ALL beings. How much can we learn today about our own global consciousness from this openness exemplified by Abraham. In nature, the Spirit of Creation bubbles to the surface all around us in the life force of all creatures. As a shepherd, Abraham knew every nook and cranny, every blade of grass and wadi spring. He was a mystic of the natural world , whose gentle touch could welcome the stranger looking for rest and comfort a sheep lost in the desert. If we can open to seeing the Spirit in the ALL that we come in contact with everyday, the the example of Abraham will come to each of our lives. Look to the natural world as you look into each other’s eyes with compassion searching for connection and ONENESS with the Spirit of Creation and each other. David Burstein- Rabbi/ Spiritual Guide So on this Day of Rest, open you tent to connect with each other and the Life Source of Creation to which we are eternally connected and ONE. Amen

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