“as he sat by the opening of his tent in the heat of the day.” Abraham was sitting by the entrance of his tent. The midrash tells us that Abraham’s tent was open on all sides so that he could see visitors coming from any direction (Genesis Rabbah 48:9 411). So you see our friends, Abraham, from whom all Muslims, Christians and Jews are spiritual descendants, saw the Life Spirit in ALL of Creation and that we are part of that Life Spirit. He was able to not only open his tent on all sides to welcome the stranger but also open his mind on all sides to welcome the power and interconnectedness of ALL of Creation and ALL beings. How much can we learn today about our own global consciousness from this openness exemplified by Abraham. In nature, the Spirit of Creation bubbles to the surface all around us in the life force of all creatures. As a shepherd, Abraham knew every nook and cranny, every blade of grass and wadi spring. He was a mystic of the natural world , whose gentle touch could welcome the stranger looking for rest and comfort a sheep lost in the desert. If we can open to seeing the Spirit in the ALL that we come in contact with everyday, the the example of Abraham will come to each of our lives. Look to the natural world as you look into each other’s eyes with compassion searching for connection and ONENESS with the Spirit of Creation and each other. David Burstein- Rabbi/ Spiritual Guide So on this Day of Rest, open you tent to connect with each other and the Life Source of Creation to which we are eternally connected and ONE. Amen


And so, too, Spirit that runs through ALL, instill awe upon ALL of Creation. Let all of Creation revere the Spirit that connects Creation and all creatures exist in harmony with that Spirit. Let all humanity become ONE in your Spirit. For as we know, Spirit of Creation we are in your dominion, we are ONE with your might, strength and force. It inspires awe in ALL it has created. (The Amidah on the Jewish New Year from the tradition of Abraham spiritual father of Christians, Muslims and Jews) And so you see my friend, on the Jewish New Year we reset the goal of our Creation and our Spiritual Journey. “Instill awe” means the awe from our consciousness of our spiritual Connection and ONENESS with Creation and the Creator. It is from this awe that we experience the joy of our Existence. And now, ten days after the Jewish New Year, we arrive at the time of the Day of Atonement ( Yom Kippur).At this time we reflect back on our spiritual journey and try to atone for our failure to live our life in awe and joy of our connection and ONENESS with the Spirit that runs through ALL of Creation

Moses and the Burning Bush

The Spirit of Creation appeared to Moses in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush. Exodus 3:2 And that Spirit brought a consciousness to Moses that Moses was to go to Pharaoh such that Moses was to bring his people, the descendants of Abraham, the spiritual father of Christians, Muslims and Jews, out of Egypt. Exodus 3:10 And Moses thought “Who am I, that I should go unto Pharaoh, and that I should bring forth the descendants of Abraham out of Egypt”. Exodus 11 So you see our friends, even Moses, at the beginning of his journey, questioned his Spirit and its connection with the Spirit that connects ALL of Existence. But Moses, in finding his ONENESS with the Spirit of Creator, went on an incredible journey of the Spirit which led to Mt. Sinai and Creator. Science, in observing the physical world, is confirming the experience of Abraham that ALL things are connected through a FORCE of Existence. In Lucerne, Switzerland, they recently found what has been labeled the God molecule which in reality is evidence of the FORCE that connects our Existence. Our friends at Via Institute have, through Social Science, identified twenty four characteristics of Spirit ( Viacharacter.org ). We believe that through consciousness of that Spirit and the characteristics of the Spirit, you can live a life of joy, INNER PEACE and UNITY with others and the Great Force of Creation. The Holy Spirit is ONE with ALL. When we consciously connect with the Spirit of Creation and Creator and the attributes of the Spirit, the Journey of our Soul can be lived with awe and joy in Creation. AMEN


“I will make you Abraham into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. Genesis 12:2 How is Abraham a blessing? The consciousness of the experience of Abraham, father of Muslims, Christians and Jews, of connection and ONENESS with the FORCE that CONNECTS all of EXISTENCE is a pathway to INNER PEACE, It is because Abraham brought us this consciousness that we know we are not alone. For it was in his acceptance and openness to a consciousness greater than himself that he makes us realize that we are connected. He opens his heart and mind to the possibility far beyond the physical realm. Far beyond worship of objects. That a consciousness of global and universal reach is not only possible it is definite for those willing to be as he was in the wilderness accepting the ONENESS of CREATION. Abraham provides the consciousness of great transcendence. He is not exclusive to one path or one religion because in his shift of consciousness to the FORCE that CONNECTS ALL he transcended any one definition. In his willingness to travel a new path he gives all of us a glimpse of what is possible if we are willing to establish a new consciousness. Where we are conscious of our ONENESS and CONNECTION, then religions see their commonalities instead of their differences. Where the color of skin , the sound of language or country in which we reside only serves as a different view point to learn about and appreciate our true common SPIRIT within each of us and the SPIRIT that connects and is ONE with ALL of Existence. Then we truly will see each other as blessings. On this day of rest, may we consciously connect with the Spirit of the Divine and be grateful for our Blessings- AMEN


At this time of year, we read about Abraham, the spiritual father of Christians, Muslims and Jews in the Torah (Old Testament) portions. Abraham was very different. He was a man among men. He and his wife Sarah not only discovered the Force that connects and is ONE with ALL of Creation- but made it their life’s mission to teach the world about the connection and ONENESS of the great Spirit- to spread the truth and beauty of its ways to ALL who would hear. Their house was open to ALL. All guests and travelers would be fed and cared for, and would be enlightened as to the true source of the food they had just been graced with (Talmud Sotah 10b). And when others were threatened- even those in Sodom whose disconnection from each other and the great Spirit threatened to destroy them- Abraham dropped all and prayed for their salvation (Genesis 18:20-33). “Abraham is our father,” they answered. “If you were Abraham’s children,” said Jesus, “then you would do the things Abraham did”. Prophet Muhammad asserted that Abraham is the patriarch of Islam because he “surrendered himself to Allah”. May PEACE be upon you our sisters and brothers:) As-salamu Alaykum:) Shalom Aleichem:)


Joseph is an important person in the Hebrew Bible and in the Quran, where he connects the story of Abraham (the fathr of Christian, Muslims and Jews), Isaac and Jacob in Canaan to the subsequent story of the liberation of the descendants from slavery in Egypt. Joseph’s father Jacob favored him and gave Joseph a coat of many colors as a gift. As a result, he was envied by his brothers, who saw the special coat as his father liking him the best and an indication that Joseph would assume family leadership. His brothers’ suspicion grew when Joseph told them of his two dreams (Genesis 37:11) in which all the brothers bowed down to him. The narrative tells that his brothers plotted against him when he was 17, and would have killed him had not the eldest brother Reuben interposed. He persuaded them instead to throw Joseph into a pit and secretly planned to rescue him later. However, while Reuben was absent, the others dragged Joseph up and sold him to the merchants for 20 pieces of silver. The brothers then dipped Joseph’s coat in goat blood and showed it to their father, saying that Joseph had been torn apart by wild beasts. The Book of Genesis, then, tells that despite Joseph being sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, he rose to become the most powerful man in Egypt next to Pharaoh. Genesis 37:1-36 So you see my friend, Joseph reached the point of total despair. He was totally alone, abandoned by his family and sold into slavery. Yet through the depths of his despair and depression, he found his faith in the Holy Spirit that connects and is ONE with ALL people, Creation and Creator. Through that faith he rose again through connection and ONENESS with others and Creator and created his own family and prospered and became the link between Abraham and Moses. AMEN

east of eden

When we live our lives in judgment of others, we will always find ourselves outside the Garden of Eden and trying to look in. Heaven on earth is found within and our consciousness of our connection with each other through the Divine. Judgment divides us and leaves us ALONE. Prophesies No. 8 East of Eden (2014) ABRAHAMIC (SPIRITUAL) JUDAISM- ONE PEOPLE WORLD UNITED


Poems From An Indiana Farm Winter Day Out in the country on a beautiful day, Went to the old oak tree to pray. Natures glory, chills to the bone. Felt the connection, not alone. O people lets join hands, Join hands as we go round. Round and round to be found. O people let’s join hands. The setting sun casts a red light As the old oak silhouettes the night. All makes me want to pray. Helps me feel the way. O people lets join hands, Join hands as we go round. Round and round to be found. O people let’s join hands. Out in the country, here to stay, Watching the day slip away. Feeling it all in nature’s way. Creation ALL around me on this day. O people lets join hands, Join hands as we go round. Round and round to be found. O people let’s join hands.


Recognize that the very molecules that make up your body, the atoms that construct the molecules, are traceable to the crucibles that were once the centers of high mass stars that exploded their chemically rich guts into the galaxy, enriching pristine gas clouds with the chemistry of life. So that we are all connected to each other biologically, to the earth chemically and to the rest of the universe atomically… It’s not that we are better than the universe, we are part of the universe. We are in the universe and the universe is in us. ~Neil DeGrasse Tyson Science today is starting to show how the universe connects everything that has ever existed to each other. We can see that we are not a top of all that there is but a part of it. We belong to the connections of the universe and we can either bring help or hinder all that is connected to us.


The human spirit can endure a sick body, but who can bear a crushed spirit? Proverbs 18:14 Proverbs is part of the Old Testament (Torah) and is believed to be, in part, from the wisdom of King Solomon. When our body fails us, we most clearly experience the Spirits connection with the Divine. Our friend Richard Bernstein was born blind. Recently, he was hit by a bicyle which broke his teeth, hips and other parts of his body. He spent ten weeks in the hospital and months in rehabilitation. He speaks about his Spirits connection with the Divine on this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLB5wPV3GwM&feature=youtu.be