nepal earthquake

The Force of Creation is not imaginable and endures forever. Psalms 19 verse 9. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Nepal affected by the earthquake.


Poems From An Indiana Farm Spring The sun cheers, as the daffodil appears. Birds building nests in the reeds, plants sprouting from their seeds. Brown turtle crawling at dawn, amongst the mushrooms by the pond. The willow tree, turns to green. As the blue bell, welcomes a new spring. The creation that was, is and will be, bursts forth with all it’s colors, And reveals for all to see, creation and it’s splendors. Spiritual (Abrahamic) Judaism- One People World United


This week, we read the Old Testament (Torah) portion called Shemot (שמות) which means “names.” which is the beginning of the book of the Exodus. The first part lists the names the descendants of Abraham (the spiritual father of Christians, Muslims and Jews, who had came to Egypt. It then begins with the birth of Moses and goes to the revelation at “the burning bush”. At the “burning bush” Moses, by taking the time to observe, has the revelation that the Force of Creation is not extinguishable and exists for ALL of Creation, eternally. With this revelation, Moses has the strength to lead the descendant’s of Abraham from Egypt. Amen SPIRITUAL (ABRAHAMIC) JUDAISM- ONE PEOPLE WORLD UNITED