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Seventh Reading Genesis


In the beginning, the FORCE of CREATION connected the water, the earth and the air. GENESIS

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Moses felt the presence of the Force of Creation, at the burning bush. call him to lead his people out of Egypt. But Moses had self doubt. He thought “No, you’ve got the wrong guy. I’m disabled myself. I have a speech impediment. How could I lead people?” But Moses, through faith in our connection to the Force of Creation, despite his apparent disability, found the strength to connect with and to lead the children of Abraham (the spiritual father of Christians, Muslims and Jews) out of Egypt. Exodus Chapter 3 So you see my friend, no matter what your ability, through faith in our connection with the Force of Creation, we can find an inner peace which makes all things possible. AMEN SPIRITUAL (ABRAHAMIC) JUDAISM- ONE PEOPLE WORLD UNITED

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When you look at grove of Aspen trees, they look like hundreds of individual trees. However all the trees are connected and a single organism through their roots. Similarly we are all connected through the FORCE that connects ALL of Creation. Amen Spiritual (Abrahamic) Judaism- One People World United


No sooner was Abraham (the Father of Muslims, Christians and Jews) weaned — and he was but a small child — that his mind began to seek and wonder: How do the heavenly bodies orbit without a moving force? Who moves them? They cannot move themselves! Immersed amongst the idol-worshippers of Ur Casdim, he had no one to teach him anything; his father, mother and countrymen, and he amongst them, all worshipped the physical aspects of Creation like idols,money and other physical things. But his heart sought, and came to know that there is a connection and oneness of ALL… and the source of Creation of the ALL and that ALL of Existence is connected and ONE. (The words of Maimonides, in his Code of Jewish Law) And so it is my friend, the original experience and consciousness of Abraham the father of Muslims, Christians and Jews of the connection of ALL people, animals, things and the Source of Creation ALL in ONE, This consciousness is the core of ALL the teachings and learnings of the descendants of Abraham. Abraham spoke to ALL people from around the world from an Open Tent in which he invited ALL. SPIRITUAL (ABRAHAMIC) JUDAISM- ONE PEOPLE WORLD UNITED

jacob wrestle

This weeks Old Testament (Torah) portion reading from the book of Genesis is called “and he sent.” The title comes from the first verse of the reading, which says, “Then Jacob sent messengers before him to his brother Esau in the land of Seir, the country of Edom” (Genesis 32:3). Jacob prepares to meet Esau as he returns, but first he has a mysterious encounter with an angel in the darkness, who changes Jacobs name to Israel. And so it is, Jacob experienced a strange mystical encounter with the Force that moves through ALL things. He had sent his family, his servants and his possessions across the river ahead of him. But he struggled with the Force of Creation before he could cross the river. This is symbolic of the necessity of each of us to struggle with our existence and the Force of Creation. It is through this struggle that we become conscious of our connection and oneness with the Force of Creation. It is only through the struggle that we can cross the river and find our Promised Land (Inner Peace). The struggle , while it makes us aware of our connection and oneness with Creator, it also makes us grateful for our separateness and each individual little thing that life brings us. And so it is the paradox and beauty of human existence. Jacob wrestled with the angel through the night. He would not let the angel go. Jacob said to the angel, “I will not let you go unless you bless me” (Genesis 32:26) The struggle with the angel blessed Jacob by changing his consciousness and symbolically his name to Israel. This signifies his changed consciousness through the struggle and his finding his Promised Land (Inner Peace) (Genesis 35:10). As the portion explains, in its symbolism, the Promised Land is not a place but it is a state of consciousness of our Oneness with Creator as well as gratefulness for our brief separateness through our human existence. This consciousness brings us peace. Amen

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This weeks Old Testament (Torah) portion reading is from the book of Genesis. It is named “generations.” It is so named because it begins with the words “Now these are the records of the generations of Isaac” (Genesis 25:19). It tells us the story of the birth of Jacob and Esau and their struggle for the birthright and blessing of their father, Isaac. We also learn about Isaac’s trials and difficulties in the land of Canaan. The portion concludes with Jacob’s deception of Isaac in order to procure the family blessing. Genesis 25:19-28:16 And so it is our friends, in every generation their are struggles in the outer world. There are struggles and conflicts within families, groups, religions and nations. There are also struggles and conflicts between them. Struggle and conflict is part of Creation. All things change in the outer world and change brings conflict and struggle. As a human being you can physically touch things that are within three feet of you in the outer world. However you can affect and change your inner world. Through the consciousness of Abraham (the father of Christians, Muslims and Jews) we realize that ALL of Creation and ALL generations are connected and one through the Divine Force. Our consciousness of the connection and ONENESS with CREATION brings an inner peace in a world of change. Amen. ABRAHAMIC (SPIRITUAL) JUDAISM- ONE PEOPLE WORLD UNITED


Adam and Eve, in the tradition of Abraham father of Christians, Muslims and Jews, were the first humans. Eve gave birth to Cain. Then she gave birth to his brother Abel. Abel became a shepherd of a flock. Cain cultivated the land. In the course of time, Abel lived in Unity with the Spirit that flows through ALL of Creation and appropriately sacrificed physical comfort to live in Unity. Cain, however, lived in separateness connecting with the physical rather than the Spirit that connects the ALL and did not appropriately sacrifice the physical to live in Unity. Abel, through living harmoniously with the Spirit that connects the ALL lived with Inner Peace. Cain, in his disconnection, was left tormented and angry. Cain was furious and he was downcast because the physical things left him disconnected from the Spirit that connects the ALL. And why are you furious? And why are you downcast? If you do right and live in Unity with the Spirit that connects ALL of Creation, won’t you be accepted? But if you do not do right and connect with physical things, rather than the Spirit that connects ALL, loneliness, torment and anger will destroy you. The desire is for you to be One with Creation, but you must master it over your desire for the physical. But Cain said to his brother Abel, “Let’s go out to the field.” And while they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him. Genesis 4:1-8 And so you see my friends, the story of Cain and Abel is at the root of all human conflict, loneliness, torment and misery. Amen


Then the Spirit of Creation formed a man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being. Genesis 2:27 And so it is my friend, we are all formed with the Spirit of the Creator as part of our souls. It is breathed into us from Creation. The consciousness of our connection with each other and the Spirit of Creation lies buried in each of our souls and we find it each and every day in each other and the world around us. That consciousness will change the way we spend our days. It will shape our relationships with family friends and strangers. When we reach out to another in connection of our Spirits, we are not only connecting with the other, we are connecting with our own soul and the Spirit that Connects ALL of Existence. Where do we connect with this Spirit. In the love of our children. In the hand of our wife. In the touch of the sun upon our face. In the warmth of a smile from a stranger. In a kind word and a gentle hug. Our true strengths lie in these connections. We ALL want to be a living being. A be-ing of aliveness. For when we are truly alive our heart is conscious of and emulates and is in harmony with the Spirit of Creation. Rabbi David Burstein- Spiritual Guide Shalom, Salam, Inner Peace on this day of rest and ALL days:)


“as he sat by the opening of his tent in the heat of the day.” Abraham was sitting by the entrance of his tent. The midrash tells us that Abraham’s tent was open on all sides so that he could see visitors coming from any direction (Genesis Rabbah 48:9 411). So you see our friends, Abraham, from whom all Muslims, Christians and Jews are spiritual descendants, saw the Life Spirit in ALL of Creation and that we are part of that Life Spirit. He was able to not only open his tent on all sides to welcome the stranger but also open his mind on all sides to welcome the power and interconnectedness of ALL of Creation and ALL beings. How much can we learn today about our own global consciousness from this openness exemplified by Abraham. In nature, the Spirit of Creation bubbles to the surface all around us in the life force of all creatures. As a shepherd, Abraham knew every nook and cranny, every blade of grass and wadi spring. He was a mystic of the natural world , whose gentle touch could welcome the stranger looking for rest and comfort a sheep lost in the desert. If we can open to seeing the Spirit in the ALL that we come in contact with everyday, the the example of Abraham will come to each of our lives. Look to the natural world as you look into each other’s eyes with compassion searching for connection and ONENESS with the Spirit of Creation and each other. David Burstein- Rabbi/ Spiritual Guide So on this Day of Rest, open you tent to connect with each other and the Life Source of Creation to which we are eternally connected and ONE. Amen