Blessed is the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit of the ALL and the Holy Spirit of our fathers, the Holy Spirit of Abraham, the Holy Spirit of Isaac and the Holy Spirit of Jacob, the great, mighty and awesome Almighty Spirit that flows through ALL of Creation, exalted Holy Spirit, which bestows bountiful inner peace, which creates all things, which connects the Patriarchs, and which, in love, brings a redemption to their children’s children, for the sake of our Unity in the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit our aid, savior and shield. Blessed is the Holy Spirit the Shield of Abraham. Amen The Amidah prayer is said each morning.The central part is the first blessing recited above. Each of us has two ways of consciously connecting to the Holy Spirit. One is through our being a continuation of the relationship with the Holy Spirit that was established by our Patriarchs as well as our own antecedents (parents, grandparents, and all of humanity) The second is the consciousness we personally establish with the Almighty Spirit that runs through ALL of Existence. During the Amidah prayer, we bow twice in recognition of both of these ways of being conscious of the Almighty Spirit that flows through ALL of Creation. ABRAHAMIC (SPIRITUAL) JUDAISM- ONE PEOPLE WORLD UNITED

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