It is related that Abraham, the father of Muslims, Christians and Jews, wore a pearl or precious stone on his neck, which brought healing (Tosefta Kiddushin.) Not much is known of this stone other that it’s power perhaps came from a combination of Abraham’s belief in the Oneness of the Spirit of Creation and his innate gifts that he encompassed as a humble and compassionate man. Abraham teaches us that with such a combination anything is possible. The stone serves as a conduit or a touch point for Abraham to feel a closeness to the ONENESS of the SPIRIT that flows through ALL of Existence and for others to feel that closeness. People realize that they need help to attain Inner Peace and healing. Some find it in touch stones such as Abraham’s amulet. They may wear a hamsa, or mezuzah, a cross, an om , a buddha, or even a locket or stone that reminds them of their connection to the ONENESS and their tradition. But true Inner Peace and healing needs us. The stone is just a stone until someone fills it with their consciousness of the ALL. . When we pray, we connect and are conscious of the Oneness of the ALL, in whatever is our faiths. It is through this consciousness that Inner Peace and healing can begin. And when it is coupled with a peaceful, humble , and compassionate life then great world healing can begin. Our hope for each of us is that we can connect to our selves, each other and the ALL with the attributes of Abraham and find Inner Peace and healing. With gratitude for this day of rest and ALL days. AMEN

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