No sooner was Abraham (the Father of Muslims, Christians and Jews) weaned — and he was but a small child — that his mind began to seek and wonder: How do the heavenly bodies orbit without a moving force? Who moves them? They cannot move themselves! Immersed amongst the idol-worshippers of Ur Casdim, he had no one to teach him anything; his father, mother and countrymen, and he amongst them, all worshipped the physical aspects of Creation like idols, money and other physical things. But his heart sought, and came to know that there is a Force that connects and is ONE with ALL of physical Creation… (The words of Maimonides, in his Code of Jewish Law) Now my friends, scientists have found the so called God particle. And what is the God particle? (See the You Tube video below about the God particle) The God particle is the Force that connects ALL matter. So you see, scientists found exactly what Abraham experienced and is the basis of Christianity, Islam and Judaism that there is a Force that Connects all matter and Existence and connects each of us to Creation. We are grateful May my brother Jonathan Lindley Harris (1954-1997), a person who truly understood connecting with others and the Spirit of Creation above the physical, rest in eternal Unity with the Force of Creation. Amen May Blessings and connection with the Spirit of Creation be with each of you on this day of rest and ALL days Amen

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